Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 12- Late So Pictures Only

By Dad

Not a ton happened with Roland during Week 12, and we are a week behind with these posts again. So this will be mostly a pictures post. He continues to lose hair faster than the NRA can make up excuses, and at this rate he'll be bald by four months. Holy crap, though. He's already at three months. Where did the time go?
We spy cameras

Smiles are coming for frequently now, especially in the mornings

"Daaad, mom's googling knitting stuff again."

Da chubby cheekses

Shirts are for lame people

Baby blanket as Assassin's Creed hood (AKA Mom as Dork)

Where's that monkey?


Action Figure Pose


Change your perspective


Just nom you right up! Nomnomnom

"What's this?"

"Those are peculiar fishes."

"Two fish....hmmm, sounds plausible."

"But why not 'Two Green Fish'? That's more exact."

"I'm the King of the MOM!"

This is his rugby face

We should watch Ratatouille again now

Rugby Face is not intimidated

Circus Baby!

Proof I have an upper lip

Big eyes!

The car seat is no longer so evil

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