Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Roland's 1st Camping Trip

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided it was time to take Roland on his first camping trip.  Pictures aren't entirely in order, but there are many so enjoy!

Just arrived in the campsite. Deciding where to put up the tent.
Daddy's here! He drove out after school in the Bug, me and Mama came out earlier in the day to get the site and set things up.
Pretending to drive is fun.

Look! We're camping!
Back in the Bug. Cars are so much fun. Especially the big ones.

Mama found her favorite souvenir.
Me and Daddy pretending to do some serious thinking as I eat my lunch.
Gotta help Mama figure out this kite thing.

Hobo packets for dinner. Mama and Daddy thought they were great. I pretended not to be hungry.
Sleepy Daddy.
C'mon Daddy! Let's take this thing out for a spin!

Gotta make friends with all the puppies that pass by.

Batman on the beach and Mama's flying a shark kite.

Cheapo kite never flew well. Next time spend more than a buck.

Trying to fill my cup myself.
Playing football with the big boys.

More puppy friends.

Marshmallow. Mmmm.
Graham cracker. Even better.

Light house.

Action pose.

The sand at this beach was delicious. You should try it sometime.
Another puppy friend. I have no idea who these people were. Doesn't matter. I only went over to say hi to the dog.

Helping Mama get all packed up.

We took a break to spin around.

Check out the dry spot where the tent was. It rained super hard. We mostly stayed dry.