Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cannonball's First Swim Lesson!

I know, it's been forever since we wrote anything. It's only because we've been moving, I've put out a book, I got a new job, we are putting together an apartment, and raising a child who now knows how to crawl and cannot be stopped.
We live a five minute's walk away from the YMCA, which has better rates that any gym I've belonged to. We are now members. The Y has swim lessons still going on because they have an indoor pool and here in Medford it's still plenty hot.
Roland has been signed up for Parent/Tot classes and today was his first one. The lessons are twice a week for a half hour and he's going to go with Mom. Not because I'm too busy or I don't want to, but because Mom isn't as comfortable in the water as I am. This is a great chance for them to work together to get better at water. And for me to be a Photo Parent.
Holy crap, you guys. I remember Photo Parents when I was a guard teaching lessons. Crazy people waving at their grubs, snapping rolls and rolls of pictures (this was before digital). "Scoff," I would scoff at them from my lofty perch of 17.
Yeah, I'm that Dad now. And I've got a phone AND a digital camera. I can take All The Pictures, and did. Thirty minute class, probably took 50 pictures and three videos. I may have filled the memory card. Maybe.
Our instructor is named Morgan and she seems nice. It's a good sized class and Roland was as serious-faced as I've ever seen him for most of it. They did half the class in the big pool and half in their therapy pool, which is smaller and warmer. He relaxed by the end, but was not sure what to make of the splashing and noise. By the end, like I said, he was making friends with the kids next to him. Because he's the most social baby ever. He will be mayor of the room in every room.
I'm not saying swim lessons are a competition, because they aren't, but he totally won. No tears, no fussing, did well with the instructor. He's pretty much the awesome.
And now for dozens of pictures of splashing and babies in water!
Getting our chin in the water

Back float!

Swimming with his instructor

Back floats!

Making friends


The class

Receiving instruction

"Hi, my name is Roland. Vote for me."

Kick board!

Motor boat, motor boat, go so slow...

Hold your breath!

Big belly up!

Ready for class

Big arms and clap!

Kick at mom! Just like old times.

Mom is a good student

Getting in, because these posted backwards for some reason