Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing in the Pool

By Dad
Yesterday was the final day of Roland's first session of lessons as a kipper. On the last day of lessons it's pretty much a play day. Normally it's just the boy and momma but since it was play day we decided I should get in the water too. It was a ton of fun. The Y puts in a big floaty thing that Roland's never been on because he's so tiny and because he really needs more than one adult to be near him on it, and the swim lesson teacher has a bunch of kids to watch. But since I was there we got to play on that too. 
Anyone who knows me even a tiny bit knows I love the water. And getting to play with Roland in the water is fantastically fun. He loves it and, being a tiny crazy person, has no fear at all.
Many of the pictures are blurry. Our swim lesson teacher took most of them and moving pictures with a cell camera are hard. And Roland is a blur. That's just how he looks on film most of the time.

Wish wish wish


Awwww, family picture

Awww, family picture where he's looking (at the ball we had Morgan hold so he'd look for a few seconds)

Climbing up

Come to daddy!

He sat himself on the edge...

Daddy is there for support in case he slips on a wet spot

And he hops off to mom all on his own, going completely under

So we must celebrate

Someday, all this will be visit...if you have a membership

Crossing the Bridge of Despair

"What is your name? What is your quest? your favorite color?"

Daddy scoots, pushes the boy, scoots, repeats

Crawl, child! I've got you.

He decided to hop off to mom halfway across

Hi, dad

Swim to momma! Ready...

Blurry yay!

Swim back to daddy!

Success! We have a fish!