Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skeeter Run 2014

While watching the Pearblossom parade a few weekends ago we happened upon a table promoting the first annual Skeeter Run, a local run put together by some do-gooders to raise money to buy malaria nets for countries where the disease runs rampant. We are big fans of doing races and big fans of good causes, so we went home, checked out the website, and registered. It helped that a) registration was $10/person (the cost of a net) and b) it was a two mile walk (easy for everyone). Roland has done a bunch of races now, this is his sixth, but shorter races now that he likes walking sometimes seem like a good idea.
Mainland races start at 9:30. 9:30! I was getting up in the predawn dark to do races in Hawaii, and here I can almost wake up at a normal time. Awesome. Still cold during the race.
Though to call this a race would be generous. No numbers, no timer, no actual start or finish line, no real start. Just the race director giving instructions then saying, "Ok, go." Oh? Now? Ok.
Angela walked with the boy in the stroller and I ran off. We were given fly (mosquito) swatters and fake mosquitoes had been placed along the course to keep us busy. By the the we got to many of them they'd been swatted within an inch of their pipe-cleaner lives since there were kids sprinting out ahead and whacking bugs with all the force they could. *exploding pipe cleaner mosquito everywhere* Still, there were plenty hanging in the trees and Roland caught on quickly. I did the first mile at a run, and then when the course looped back on itself I caught up with Angela and walked the rest of the way with them. No reason to run the whole thing then wait alone.
The run ended with a lap of the host elementary school's track, so we pulled him out and let him walk it.
Fun morning. Fun run. Good cause.
Posing out with the Mosquito Lady

Swatter at the ready

Family Fun Run!

Because he's adorable

Someone brought a dog

Dog must be petted
Wearing his official race shirt

Much dog. Many squee

This is his race face

Prepared to swat

Swatting accomplished

Race selfies are hard

Taking the final 1/8 on his own

Lean forward, off the forefoot!

He's gaining on me!

Momma walking backwards to keep him on track (get it?)

Whacking other racers for motivational purposes

The final straightaway

And across the line!

Hail Hydration

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Eastering: 2014

It's Easter! Time for coloring eggs and getting candy. And so I now present a million pictures rather than writing a whole bunch. They are, like normal, in no particular order. In fact, they are totally mixed up. There's a video in here too.

Meeting the Bunny

Disappearing egg trick

Keeping an eye out for more candy

Proud of the loot

Mom! Candy at 3 o'clock!

Too much of this is still in the bowl

Easter Egg Dye Torture (tm Bush/Cheney)

So, you think I can't crack you?

Your shell is no match for my baby strength!

Damage report

Baby's First Goth Make-up

Some awesome cars for Easter

Hail Hydra

"I wore my Batman hat so the other kids know I Am The Night."

"Mom, there were 16. Now there are 14. Come on."

Come along, Mr Fox in Socks sir.


Dad, look! Candy you can't have!


Badass Tiger 5

Not so sure about the Bunny


Still clean
Stir stir stir


Check out my cool stirrer, Dad

Mmmm, vinegary

Don't do whatever it was you were about to do!


Why so serious?

Scoopers are for rookies

Counter five!

Future yearbook photo

The Easter Bunny came and brought Hot Wheels!

Taking a closer look
Pirate eggs

We're gonna need a bigger carton


Unsure about this form of egg

Nom nom nom (this is spit out onto the floor immediately after the picture was taken)


*sea chanty*