Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Eastering: 2014

It's Easter! Time for coloring eggs and getting candy. And so I now present a million pictures rather than writing a whole bunch. They are, like normal, in no particular order. In fact, they are totally mixed up. There's a video in here too.

Meeting the Bunny

Disappearing egg trick

Keeping an eye out for more candy

Proud of the loot

Mom! Candy at 3 o'clock!

Too much of this is still in the bowl

Easter Egg Dye Torture (tm Bush/Cheney)

So, you think I can't crack you?

Your shell is no match for my baby strength!

Damage report

Baby's First Goth Make-up

Some awesome cars for Easter

Hail Hydra

"I wore my Batman hat so the other kids know I Am The Night."

"Mom, there were 16. Now there are 14. Come on."

Come along, Mr Fox in Socks sir.


Dad, look! Candy you can't have!


Badass Tiger 5

Not so sure about the Bunny


Still clean
Stir stir stir


Check out my cool stirrer, Dad

Mmmm, vinegary

Don't do whatever it was you were about to do!


Why so serious?

Scoopers are for rookies

Counter five!

Future yearbook photo

The Easter Bunny came and brought Hot Wheels!

Taking a closer look
Pirate eggs

We're gonna need a bigger carton


Unsure about this form of egg

Nom nom nom (this is spit out onto the floor immediately after the picture was taken)


*sea chanty*

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