Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

On our last Christmas as a three person family, Roland was spoiled rotten. As always, Blogger loaded the pictures in a random order so there's not a narrative here. Captions randomly scattered throughout. Thank you to everyone.

The favorite present on the day was the broom

In addition to assembling various presents, parents also must update software and set up profiles

He had to wash his new plate before he could use it.
Into the sink it goes


Momma is as excited about Legos as tiny human is

The non-clothes haul

Checking out the tablet cover

Bike trailer!

Ohhhh, KitchenAid

Ohhhh, charm bracelet from Think Geek!

He named the characters as he opened the cars. His daddy is very proud

Running away from the scary man

Coaxed back with candy

Spying the loot

Game face

Stockings are fun!

Stockings are serious business

Picking the first gift


How to Train Your Dragon!


Beer journal

Scared of the cinnamon roll pop

Big brother bear

Claiming presents

Sitting on presents

Running away with presents

The perfect waffle maker


For the grown-up child


Bike trailer in action!