Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 8- Pictures from the Mainland

By Dad (Pictures by Mom)
Baby Cannonball and his momma went to the mainland on Wednesday night to visit her family in Seattle. The original plan was for her Dad and sister to come to Hawaii, but then Auntie Michelle fell and broke her leg. It was very important to both of us that her family got to see Roland so we looked for and got tickets on the cheap for a flight to Washington. I didn't go because when we were booking it I was thinking logically. I can't take another week off, I should save those days for when Mommy needs a break or one or both of them get sick. 
I should have gone. It's no fun at all to be this far away from both of them. But she's been sending me a ton of pictures, so at least I have that. He was the best flyer ever, I'll let Mom write a full post about flying with a tiny person. So some of these pictures are from here, and some are from Seattle.

Passed out spacebaby
I'm so good at the smiles
Good sleeper on the airplane
"I'm adorable!"
Traveling is hard work
Sometimes the car seat isn't evil. And he's even bigger again!
Auntie Michelle loves her nephew
Rumor has it Grandpa Bill hasn't put him down since he got there
Side Eye Expert
Chillin' with Uncle Matt
"I enjoy ottomans!"
I mentioned he's adorable, right?
Initiate Joy Sequence
Joy Enabled
Full Joy Accomplished
Warm Pants for the Mainland

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 7 - Out and About

By Mom
So far Doug has been writing weekly updates about Roland, but since he has been back at work I've seen more of Roland.  Sunday night Papa went back to California, and Grammy stayed to spend another week with us.  Sunday was a pretty uneventful day.  We watched football and hung out around the house, spending time together as a family.  Doug did a race early in the morning; his mom and stepdad went to watch while Roland and I stayed home and slept in.  It was the second race in a three-race series - you might remember Doug having mentioned he did a race the morning Roland was born.  That was the first race of the series.  Luckily I was not on the list for another childbirth.  Yet.

Monday was a terrible day for weather - making it perfect for getting things done around the house.  Roland was a champ in his swing which made it easier for me and Grammy to get things done around the house.  There was lots of cleaning mixed with a bit of box packing and furniture rearranging done.  With the list of chores completed the rest of the week was left open for more preferred activities.  We went shopping, visited Daddy's school again, and visited Mama's school for the first time.  Grammy found things to decorate her house and helped me find things to make our apartment feel a little more homey.

When we were shopping Roland was in his Ergo - and asleep.  The bigger he gets the more he fights naps during the day.  Put him in the Ergo though and he snuggles down and visits dream land.  On a few occasions he has stayed awake to look around a bit, but he usually doesn't last long.  When he is hungry he'll wake up to nurse.  Besides soothing a fussy baby, the Ergo is fantastic for nursing on the go.  I might have been a little skeptical of trying if it weren't for the instruction booklet stating that the carrier had been designed with nursing in mind.

Grammy stayed with us through Saturday night.  Doug and I even went out for a couple of hours on our own while Roland stayed with Grammy.  It felt weird to leave the apartment without a baby and the baby things.  We had a hard time figuring out what to do with ourselves.  It's only been 7 weeks and already we revolve our decisions to go out around the baby.  The first thing we noticed was that it was nice to be in the car without someone hollering from the backseat to get there already.  So we got off the freeway and stopped at all the lights.  The highlight of our trip out was finding a Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan to bring home.  Since we've been spending almost all our nights in I had the idea to shop for board games.  Figured it would be easy to stop in the middle of to do things Roland needs us to, then go back to once he is happy again.  Even though we were only out for a couple of hours I was eager to get back home and make sure he was doing okay.  Of course he was fine, making it obvious to everyone that the mom worry has been turned on in me.

And now for the part you came here for: pictures!

Parental Tragic Face

Cannonball Tragic Face

All the smiles for mommy

Mom on the new giant pillow

Carry the baby like a football

"Why must you make me sit up?"


King of the Side Eye

Getting the snuggles

"Tell me again why we hate the Giants, daddy."

Love my swing

Grammy + glider chair = yaaay

"I suppose you're all wondering why I called you here today."

There are four lights!

Crime fighting socks

Papa gotta fly home? No!

Yeah, I'm a frog now. What?

This is my monkey. Sometimes I smack it.
A video where I dance on my mat after playing the elephant.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 6- School, Smiles, Suckers

By Dad
Roland turned six weeks old Saturday and boy was week 6 busy. I have the feeling I'll be saying that a lot. Every week is full of growth and changes like I don't even believe. I knew, intellectually, that tiny humans do a lot of growing very quickly in their first year, but to see it right in front of my face is still amazing to watch.
The biggest change is smiles. He smiles now and it looks like he's smiling on purpose. I don't know if he's smiling at me or not, but it looks like there is control of facial muscles happening. Angela saw the smiles a few days before I did, but I'm back at work so she is spending more time with him than I am. By the time I get home from work it's time to battle a mid-day nap and he's not always the happiest little boy for a while. But over the weekend I got some good smiles too. That was very good, to be lying in bed next to him and have him look over, then to see a huge smile split his face in half. I haven't been around enough babies to know if they are all prone to big expressions, but if they aren't then Roland is definitely mine. All his faces are bigger than life and over-exaggerated. The Tragic Face that comes mid-cry, which has not yet been successfully photographed, now includes a pouty lip. This elicited an excited call from the other room the first time he did it. "Honey! Come look! He's got a lip now too! It's so cute!" I'm not sure he knows his parents laugh at him while he's crying right now, but he'll probably pick up on it by the time he's two.
This was Grammy and Papa's (my mom and Skip) first full week here too and I can't overstate how helpful they have been. I knew it would be nice to have some family over but I didn't expect how great it would be to not have all the pressure all the time split between just Angela and I. Someone else helping out with cooking, cleaning, or just holding the crying tiny person for a little while is fantastic. Because they are here we've felt more free to do more with him.
For example, Roland went to Waikiki for the first time Friday. They went down a little early and I met them after school and the five of us strolled the main drag, shopping and taking in the first non-rainy day in a while. Roland loves his Ergo and was a good baby the whole time. Everyone who has tiny people- Get a Baby Carrying Device! Cereal, you guys, it's super Al Gore Important. 1000x better than a mobile carseat and easier to move around than a stroller. I'm sure we'll get to stroller use, but the Ergo and Moby wraps are kick ass. He's still not a huge fan of the car, however.
The way we've started combating the fight against the car is by introducing a pacifier. Angela and I were both not sure about pacifiers and we were going to try to avoid using one if we could. Grammy talked us into giving it a shot and it's been great. Sucking seems to calm him down much faster than he can do on his own. He's probably got an oral fixation like his dad, who always has a toothpick in his mouth. We don't go straight to it, we try other things before going to the pacifier, but if he's really upset or just won't relax enough to feed or sleep it's a good tool to have in our utility belt.
The swing also works better now. As he gets bigger the swing become less of an Evil Thing Which Must Be Hated. He's still a slumpy little ball of dough sometimes though. Angela put him in, buckled him down, took a quick shower, and by the time she was done he was curled over into a small ball of I'm Going To Make You Scared I'm Falling Out Even Though The Buckle Has Me Secure With My Arms and Legs Inside At All Times. 
The little cannonball visited his daddy at school last week, and that was pretty cool. I have the best student teacher ever so she took my class over after lunch and allowed me to wander the campus showing him off to all my fellow teachers. Grammy took a bijillion pictures and I posted most of them on this blog here. I look forward to bringing him back every few weeks so everybody can see how he's grown. Also, once Fantastic Student Teacher starts soloing I'm going to get very bored very quickly so Mama needs to visit me for lunch regularly.
According to Mama he's sleeping less and less during the day. He's been a good boy, not very fussy at all, but he needs to sleep more. A few times we've hit Overtired Baby DefCon One (note: everyone does Defcon wrong. Defcon One is the most serious. The higher the Defcon, the less threat there is. At Defcon 12 everyone owns a unicorn).
The biggest thing he did in his sixth week was take Six Week pictures at Sears. These came out great and they will get their own blog later. But he was fantastic during the session and didn't fuss or cry or anything the entire time. Baby loves the camera. Again, just like his father.
Before we get to pictures we must all laugh at the truth of Doghouse Diaries:

Old school diaper pinning

Damnit. Better me than him.

I shall slumpscape!

Baby wearing at the mall


'Allo again

I will not make eye contact with Horton

Passed out with Grammy

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Papa holds me backwards

We have slumpage!

Hello, tiny human!

Genetics Rule!


Grammy in heaven

Are you the cutest boy ever (since your daddy)?


Test trip to the park in the B.O.B.

We are unsure if we are displeased

You are naked! Shocking!

I. Am. The Coolest. Baby. Ever.