Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 8- Pictures from the Mainland

By Dad (Pictures by Mom)
Baby Cannonball and his momma went to the mainland on Wednesday night to visit her family in Seattle. The original plan was for her Dad and sister to come to Hawaii, but then Auntie Michelle fell and broke her leg. It was very important to both of us that her family got to see Roland so we looked for and got tickets on the cheap for a flight to Washington. I didn't go because when we were booking it I was thinking logically. I can't take another week off, I should save those days for when Mommy needs a break or one or both of them get sick. 
I should have gone. It's no fun at all to be this far away from both of them. But she's been sending me a ton of pictures, so at least I have that. He was the best flyer ever, I'll let Mom write a full post about flying with a tiny person. So some of these pictures are from here, and some are from Seattle.

Passed out spacebaby
I'm so good at the smiles
Good sleeper on the airplane
"I'm adorable!"
Traveling is hard work
Sometimes the car seat isn't evil. And he's even bigger again!
Auntie Michelle loves her nephew
Rumor has it Grandpa Bill hasn't put him down since he got there
Side Eye Expert
Chillin' with Uncle Matt
"I enjoy ottomans!"
I mentioned he's adorable, right?
Initiate Joy Sequence
Joy Enabled
Full Joy Accomplished
Warm Pants for the Mainland


  1. So happy Roland gets to meet all his family. And I'm glad he's made the adjustment so well - kudos to Mom and Seattle family. He is growing biggerer everyday! I can't believe it already. Hugs and kisses to all.

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos! I cant wait to get a hold of him too!