Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week Five of Roland- New Years, Baths, and Grandparents

By Dad
Roland's fifth week was one of changes and newness. He got to go to his first New Year's Eve party, Yay Auntie Kay and Uncle Zach! It was an exciting shindig where his Mom knitted with girlfriends and Dad played video games with husbands of girlfriends. His parents were boring old people before he was born. He's just a good excuse to be now. At least we managed to stay up past midnight. Barely. Earlier that night he also got to Skype with extended family in Colorado. Yay, a million people talking at once into a computer screen! The Future is NOW!
He did some more fussing about sleeping this week. One thing that he really seems to love is bouncing and rocking and getting his back patted all at the same time.  Which is fine and we can do that because it's better than howling cries of, "YOU PEOPLE DON'T REALLY LOVE ME!!!" But what we were both thinking about it was Holy crap, if someone shook me like this my eyes would come out and then I'd puke all over them. He's a rock star I guess. A roller coaster aficionado before he knows what roller coaster or aficionado mean. The other clue for that was how much he likes going around corners in the car and even being lightly swung in the car seat while daddy lugs it from apartment to vehicle.
He got a sink bath that he didn't seem thrilled about. There wasn't a ton of crying but there were some pretty definite dirty looks.
I went back to work this week, which was nice for me. I love being at school and I love teaching. It is strange to kiss him and his mom goodbye in the morning and kick rocks. But she texts pictures during the day. I also show everyone who might look like they are asking about him pictures. Went home and told him I showed a bunch of women naked pictures of him in the bath. He didn't seem to mind.
His Grammy and Papa (my mom and step-dad) landed Friday afternoon for their stay on the island coo-ing and fussing over baby. They're very excited and it's been great the last two days to have two more people helping out with various things. Sometimes its soothing him while he cries (we got a near three-hour crying/fighting sleep jag Friday night), sometimes it's making dinner or doing dishes. Whatever helps. Angela and I are both excited the grandparent trips are starting. It's been a while since we've seen them, and of course we're excited to show off the cutest baby ever.
And now, pictures.
Dig it! Ergo baby on Daddy!

Baby Hawk!

The newborn Ergo insert creates baby tacos

Asleep in the chair! ASLEEP IN THE VIBRATING CHAIR!!!

Auntie Kay bonding (and Jack feeling left out)

Auntie Kay never lets pictures get taken of her

Happy New Year!

Auntie Carrots on New Years
I'm so tired, you better not be taking a picture of me

Hello tiny human


You shall wash me now, I command it

Why are you not washing me! I commanded it! (by the way- this is his mother's scowl)


My head is fine. Stoppit.

Grammy and Papa getting baby time

Teaching him to mug for the camera


Napping is not logical, Father

"You gotta make faces at the camera, dude."

Chillin' in the seat. It's old hat now.

Punk baby.

Inna hood

High visibility diaper for jogging at night

Bright eyes, shark hood

Me and Papa

Grammy and Roland

And some Fancy Comic Photos From Uncle Matt's Magic App of Awesome (halftone)

The Story Thus Far

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  1. Meeting Roland has been wonderful. BIG eyes and tiny body. Grammy is loving our time here. Doing nothing but helping out and holding, swaying, bouncing, and cooing. Trying the usual songs and noises. xoxo Grandson.