Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Birthday!!!

The tiny cannonball has turned one! When did that happen? How did it happen so quickly? 
Many thousands of birthday pictures now included.
Again, pictures appear in random order because reasons.

The birthday room in the library all decorated
Opening presents at home

Helping Mom put together his motorcycle

Going for a ride

Learning to tractor

Letting Mom help open presents.

Trying on new clothes

PANTSHEAD is the name of my next band

I have a blanket robot. I wear it as a hat.

Opening more

Reading the card to Mom

Investigating the pirate on the wall of the party

On top of a present is better

Musical instruments?! Woohoo!


Telling Mom where the screws go

Checking another card out

First 100 Words book does not include words Dad says when driving

A green talking dog.

Let me eat cake

Family may also have cake

Friends helping unwrap presenta

Dad's lap was commandeered by Levi

The Linkletters are party animals

Auntie Natalie helps the boy walk

Mom and homemade cake

"Lemme at it!"


Uncle Kev enjoying CapriSun

Dad helping the boy see his decorations

Chillens playing

Auntie Natalie telling Roland how awesome his daddy is


Learning biology


Dad? Pick me up.


He loves balloons

Mom preparing party favors

My box! My presents!

Mmmmm, firecake!