Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013- Roland's First

We have three costumes for Roland for Halloween. Why?
Costumes are fun. We are training him to be the kid that wears a cape to kindergarten. And no one will question it because they'll go, "Oh, you're the Robertson kid. Yeah, that makes sense."
We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Two trips with two sets of grandparents to two pumpkin patches, a bunch of pictures in costumes, pumpkin carving, and a visit to Dad's school Halloween Fair because Dad is always trying to get stuff started and get people involved at his school, but that means his family has to be there too. Like always, he was a social butterfly. He was the Most Adorable Baby wherever we went. Always smiling, chatting with people. Even when he's working on a tooth.
He's also got clapping down, and waves bye-bye at 75% situational accuracy (how's that for teacher speak?). We're working on blowing kisses. He's also teasing walking but won't do it on his own yet. There's been a lot of free standing for a second then realizing what he's doing and sitting or grabbing. We think Roland is going to do with walking what he did with crawling and tease it for a long time before he actually does it.
Ok, enough with the type type type. Here's a ton of pictures.

Loving the hay at the pumpkin patch

Specialist Britz leading the way through the corn maze

"I claim these pumpkins for Roland!"

"How much do I weigh?"

Pet da goat

Here, goat goat goat

Trapped in a giant tire...again

Roland-sized pumpkin

Driving the tractor like Uncle Matt

Looking into the middle distance, posing out

Pumpkinmon, I choose you!

Making friends at the pumpkin patch

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Owl and Gipsy Danger -o-lanterns

Chief Brody and the Shark on Halloween

My favorite Halloween picture ever

Playing Halloween games at Daddy's school

The Cruz set up for Trunk or Treat

Lil' Monster

The is an exact inner structure, done on a t-shirt



Standing in pumpkins is fun!

Sitting, not so much

More games at Daddy's school as the pictures load out of order.

In Soviet Russia, Quint eats you!


He colors now

Coloring is cool

Do the shark crawl!

Crawl, shark, crawl!

He won a puppy. (Nerds, why is this funny/awesome?)

Ready to Trunk or Treat

His first trunk!

"Trunk or treat! My momma thanks you for the loot."

Being adorable


Gussied up trunk

Dad teaching the boy how to drive

Tractoring is easy!

This one! I pick this one!

Bwahaha, green pumpkin!

I stand on pumpkins to show them I own them

Sir Roland of Sillypants

Flu Shot

Tiny human got his flu shot today.
No parents like shots. We stress about how the child will react during the shot, right after the shot, and then for the next day or two. We don't like seeing someone stab our babies, even though we know Jenny McCarthy is a dangerous moron.
Roland couldn't be a bigger rock star.
Every shot series so far he's done better and better. He screams, of course, but settles quickly once Mom starts to feed him and hold him. And the last series he didn't even act too groggy for the rest of the day. "No problem, guys. I got this."
Today we went in for his flu shot and ten month check up*. He weighs in at a whopping 17.9lbs, which puts him waaaaaaaay down in the 4th percentile. Right when he was starting to get rolls in his legs he also started crawling like a crazy person. And he pretty much hasn't stopped moving around the apartment since. So he's not gained any real amount of weight. Healthy, but skinny. He's 29 inches long, which is pretty perfect.**
To give him the flu shot the nurse (and Mom) had him sit on my lap with my pinching his legs between mine so he couldn't move them. Then I hugged him so he couldn't smack at her.
She cleaned the small spot on his leg and he watched. Probably felt neat. He smiled at her because that's what he does.
She got the shot ready and I held him close.
Barely a whimper. Seriously. The child whimpered once, twice, then was totally OK. Not happy and jumping around right away, but the total opposite of any kind of screaming upset too. Napped on the walk home (yeah, the clinic is five minutes from the house) and once he woke up he was ready to rock. He's not acting like anything happened.
Rock star baby.
Dear Ben and/or Jerry, Send more please!

*nine month check-up but we just got it all worked out
** he's more than pretty perfect. He's the Most Perfect. Had him tested for that too.