Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week PHOTO'SPLOSON!!! (seriously though, its been a while)

Ok, so we've been crazy busy and I haven't been keeping up with the blog and it's been a long time. So rather than try to write stuff I'm just going to upload a million pictures and add captions.
He remains the most awesome baby ever. He's sitting up on his own, Angela is mashing up bananas and whatnot for him, and we are pretty sure teeth have moved into position.
These are in whatever order Blogger put them in, and they go from 20 weeks to today, which is 6 months.  For some reason a few got squished-looking and I don't know why.
Damn paparazzi while I'm bathing

Blue Steel

Dressed up for Auntie Bethany's graduation

Grammy in heaven, but feed me more!

There's taste in here! Nomnomnom!

I will not smile at you

Action Pose!

Dad made me get up really early for his Honolulu Tri, Jerk.

I had to help him cross the finish line.

So they gave me his medal.

Yep, I'm pretty much awesomesauce.

I got a number for our biathlon.

Race Tiger races.

Go dad! Swim!

I won us a hat that is only going to be worn this one time.

Baby's first trip to the beach.

See the sand?

Sand is fun. Can I eats it?

Ummm, Dad? That water is coming. Dad? Dad!

We went swimming. I was nekked. It was ok.

Big moment for dad though.

The Robertson Family Racers.

Nom nom nom

Mmm hand mmm so good mmm nom

Everything's so green!

You took me to knitting and put me on the table? Who are these women?

Me and Dad using the Ergo. Squished for some reason.

I will get you, bird.

Back at the biathlon, ready to race. Vroom!

Squished Biathlon Family

Contemplating the waves

Upside down!

El Tigre

I got this, dad.

May the 4th- Star Wars Viewing #1

I can haz a Wookie!

It's a lightsaber! Bring it on!

Wait, so it's in the past? With humans and spaceships?

Auntie Grace has yummy thumbs.

My bed. You sleep elsewhere.

I hope this picture doesn't come back when I'm 18.


MINE! My burger! Gimme! I'm adorable, gimme!

Squished Roland with Grammy in background

Walk to Jamba with Mom and Grammy.

Dad and I make faces

Babys R Us, huh? Buy me All The Things then!

I have ears. They are cute.

Your mustache. I want it.

Getting ready for my Pineapple 10k in my cool sweater.

Pre-race snack to keep my energy up.

Grammy and Mom ready their phones for the off.

Dad? Photots while riding? Dork.

Here I come!

My trophy pineapples.


Me and Auntie Pharris, chilling. She's cool.

Hi dad! Welcome back from your ride!

What the...

Arg! Ahhh!

Actually, it's kinda peaceful in here. I'm ok!



I'm getting strong here
Ko'Olina, totally unsure about this whole water thing

Dad, it's like, right there. Watch it.

Mom, I can see the water coming. Mom...I know I'm cute! Pick me up!

Wide Eyes, Ready for Water

Sand is ok. Stop burying my foot though.

Daddy's lockscreen so when he's having a grumpy day he sees this face



We'll take it, mom.

For me!?!

I'm in a box!

Feet hanging out of the swing now.

Yar! Ahoy and avast!

Dressed up for some sun and sea.

Happy Graduation, Auntie Bethany!

Soap mohawks are fun!

Are you mailing me somewhere?