Thursday, February 21, 2013

Faces of Roland

By Mom
The nice thing about having a camera in my cell phone is catching all the faces Roland makes.  Sometimes the kid is super expressive.

A bit blurry because he makes this face when his arms and legs are going a mile a minute
Bet you can guess what he's doing when he makes this face
Happy in his swing
Almost a smile
What is that thing you keep pointing at my face?
I'm feeling good
I don't know if I should smile or cry
Hold on, I might be filling my diaper again...
Whoa. I just had the best dream.
For you I can pretend to smile
When I learn to laugh, I'll do it with this smile
Really?  The camera phone?  Again?
Don't think I don't know what you're doing
One of my best smiles
That milk was delicious
Arms and legs going a mile a minute again.  I must get there, and I must get there NOW!
So tired...
Hi Mom!
I don't wanna...
And - for the next week I will only make this face every time I see the back of your cell phone.

And he really has been sticking to that last face. He'll be all smiles til I grab my phone and then the smiles stop. Same story if I grab the camera.  But as soon as I put down the camera he makes eye contact again, and then is all squirmy and smiley.  Tiny little punk.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful boy....That 'so tired' face sure shows Doug's lashes - huh? I miss squeezing him and giving you two hugs. Hope to be out again very soon. Keep the blogs and photos coming.