Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 13, 14 and 15 in Pictures

The first group of photos from Mom's phone went up in a funky order, so they are kind of random for a while.
Fight the power!
Chillin' like Daddy
Guys, this is sooper serious!
We have the same head!
He's HUGE again!
Happy baby playing with daddy
Hi dad!
Strollering through Haleiwa with the dadster
Aloha, human
Who? Me?
I haz the smiles
Makin' faces
I'm laughing, I swear!
Welcome to Deep Thoughts
Yo, Adrian!
Wyld Stallyns!
Oh you did, did you?
This one goes in his portfolio
Up to no good (or pooping)
"Hello, interwebs!"
Too cool for the room
Grumper at Target after his protest (Roland also pictured)
Flying Babah!
Partied out at Cholo's
*evil laugh here*
What genetics?
Coolest baby ever
Ok, now for some organized ones not from Mom's phone
Week 13
Flying with Aunt Pharris

She's telling him all about Game of Thrones

I call this the Jean Luc

More pirateness

Hi Gramma!


Auntie Kathy at Daddy's school misses her kids being this small

My former student teacher Matt, with his first tiny person

Aunt Bethany, my student teacher

Practicing flying like Iron Man- WOOSH

Naked TV watching is the best

Tiny butt!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

"I ordered a shake too!"


Chatting with Mr. Snail and Mr. Turtle

Spa time

Wash the foot

Grandma onsies are the best

Grandma Patty loves the little boy

Approved Baby Transportation Method

Week 14

He waits like an old man

Hmmm, fish tacos or fish burrito?

See? He waits like a patient old man.

Come on, buddy. Burrito it up!

For me?

Do chicks dig uke players?

I shall purchase this tiki.

Gettin' some Grandma Patty time

Serious Dad Pictures

Gettin' the lovin's

Helping mom knit

Counting stitches for mom

Curled up in the swing

Ergo baby!

Do you like my monster hat?


Does this hat have ears? It does, doesn't it? Take it off.

Push-ups on Daddy's chest


Week 15

Hmmmm...ball of yarn...

Ball of Yarn curls- Go!

Grrrr, feel the burn!

I own this ball of yarn. It is mine. I own it.

Why is something more interesting always just above my field of view?

Kratos vs Cannonball

Cannonball 1 Kratos 0

Going for a walk around the apartment building

Ready to protest

Complete with rubber bracelet

Sitting up in daddy's slider chair

Naked with All The Toys

I less than three my blanket

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  1. I enjoy the photos and updates so much! Keep 'em coming. Roland is growing so quickly and hitting so many milestones. Enjoy everyday - tomorrow will be different. XOXO Grammy