Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cannonball's First Christmas Photo Extravaganza!

By Dad
Welcome to Roland's first Christmas Photo Extravaganza! 
Christmas Eve was a rough one for the poor baby boy. He's decided that SLEEP IS THE DEVIL AND MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS. Which means there is a lot of heavy eyelids, raised eyebrows like he's fighting it, slowly going limp...until...holy crap was I almost asleep I must cry in protest! So that's where we are right now. Roland did short sleeps instead of a long chunk waiting for Santa. And in the morning I woke up but Angela, who had to be up with him when he woke up hungry, wanted some more sleep. So we laid in bed and I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Polar Express to him. Then he got fussy so we got up and bounced around until he fell back asleep. 
Roland woke up long enough to fuss and eat then passed back out for most of his presents. Since he's only three weeks old he didn't care about presents, but we showed them all to him anyway. To everyone who got him something, yes he woke up just for yours, looked right at it, and smiled. I swear. 
He got a ton of cool stuff and we really do send thanks to everyone. It means so much to have so many loving family and friends. And that includes those of you that were able to send only your love and best wishes. Trust us, not one gift from our end has been put in the mail yet. They're bought...but not mailed. Same for birth announcements and Christmas cards. They are coming. Eventually. 
So it wasn't the calmest or quietest first Christmas, but I can only imagine how much louder and crazier they are going to get once we get to be near family and once he has a brother or sister (or two, maybe, we haven't decided yet). It was still one of the best Christmases ever. Angela and I have never had one to ourselves at home, and we got to share it with our very own tiny human. And that morning, before she was awake, when it was just he and I reading, and he was bright-eyed and quiet, looking all around, that was pretty damn perfect.

Santa hat napping

"Where are the presents!?"

"Now I really can't see the loot!"

"I am adorable."

"So many pictures"

Baby cosplay at Santa

Waiting in line to meet Mr. C

Hey look, I have another favorite picture!

"Hello, tiny snowthing"

Not a creature was stirring...

Except me!

Thumbs up for Daddy's favorite Christmas book

Getting ready for Giftmas

Family stockings

Baby in Stocking

"Why am I in a stocking? Why are you laughing at me?"

Books are a goodness

Digging the loot

Lookit all that stuff!

Daddy and baby

Here's your stocking, buddy

A bird!

Wrist rattles!

Baby Surrounded By Gifts

Baby's First Christmas ornament

Grinch onesie!

Putting things in sleeping baby's hands is funny

Best. Wrapping paper. Ever.

I see them!

A gingerbread man for me?

Darn right.

Seek out new foods and new ways to not eat them


The haul

Happy holidays and thank you to everyone!


  1. It makes his auntie very happy to see he wore his Christmas outfit for opening gifts!! I'm glad you guys had family Christmas together, once the littles are mobile, things are going to be much more insane!! Love you three!!

  2. Glad you had a Merry Christmas! You were missed, but I understand the joy in having alone family time. Hope your little man settled and you had a more restful Christmas night. Love to all - Mom and Skip