Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Second Week of Roland (Plus Plenty Pictures)

By: Dad
Suddenly the little cannonball is two weeks old. Time was already ripping by, and now it has managed to speed up.
Roland has been a good little baby so far. A few We Don't Know Why You're Crying nights, but eventually we've calmed him down or he's worn himself out. He's had a few short outings, Target (of course), the mall, and grocery shopping. Angela uses the Moby my sister gave us (that she got from Aunt Steph, yay hand-me-downs!) whenever we go out and he seems to like it so far. If "like it" means "sleeps the entire time he's in it."
I went back to work this week. Had to. The week before Christmas break is a stressful, busy time in school and I had a bunch of stuff to do. Tuesday was a sick day because Monday Roland had a rough night. That was our fault. We drove home in traffic without feeding him first, so he woke up hungry and cranky. He doth hate the car seat. It is his Nemesis. Until he starts moving then he falls right to sleep. Unless he parents don't feed him first. We bought one of those car mirror things so we can see him in the backseat while driving. Why? Because he's so quiet back there! What if his head's come off or something?
We are adjusting well to him. So far at least. Every time I say something like that I feel the other shoe dangling over my head. I've been reading to him everyday. He's had a bunch of visitors. We have amazing friends who brought over food for us the last two weeks, making life so much easier. Leftovers rule!
Roland is so short (surprise surprise) he barely fits into most of his onesies. His feet are allergic to staying in socks or footie pjs.
So overall we are happy. Angela is more tired than I am, but she has to be up with him when he gets hungry and she isn't waking me up for that. I'm on my two week break for Christmas now, and I'm so happy about it. I haven't looked forward to time off this much ever. Even when I taught sixth grade.
Was an emotional week. Been feeling feels I've never felt, with an intensity I never expected. I've never been a Tough Guy Who Has No Feels and would never pretend that, but this is way different. Good different, but different.
Again, I want to thank everyone who has sent stuff for us (Roland), and has come over to help us out. We are so very lucky to have family and friends like you.
Ok, now I'll stop and you can look at all the adorable pictures from the last week. Angela is going to write her own post soon too. Look for that.
Daddy's gift/curse (thanks Uncle Matt and Aunt Meghan!)

Hi Mrs. Amber!

Baby gaming

And they gnashed their terrible teeth! (Thanks, Auntie Michelle!)

Thanks for the onesie Auntie Carrots!

Baby's first trip to Mom's favorite store

Baby wearing and burrito eating!


The best student teacher ever and the best baby ever

Baby's first Wookie (thanks Uncle Mark!)

Auntie Michele doting

I would like one burrito, and some chips for my cannonball

Cry in 3...2...1

The best way to work

Our first tree!

I hug him and squish him and love him forever

"You have no milk. Why would you do that to me?"

These are not the droids you're looking for/No more pictures, please

Boob pillows are the best pillows

Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom

Yo, homie, wazzup

Blue Steel

Auntie Jane and Uncle Chad


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