Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cannonball Turns Three Weeks!

By: Dad
Not a whole lot happened during week three of Roland. It was the first week of my Christmas break so there was a lot of hanging out around the house and talking to baby. We did a little Christmas shopping. Roland still hates being put in the car seat but once he gets moving, either by being carried or driving, he settles down. And he loves the Moby Wrap. When he's out on the town he's sleeping in the Moby. Even when he's awake he doesn't fuss. 
That's a word I've used more in the last three weeks than in the last 31 years combined. Fussy. Roland would never be called a fussy baby, but it does get there sometimes. Mostly when he's made to wait for the boob. The boy does not cotton to waiting for the boob. When he's hungry he's hungry NOW. The only other time he gets really fussy is when he is tired of being held. That's the end of our Flow Chart of Crying right now. 
Boob ---> Wet----> Gas----> Boob double check-----> Sleepy----> Lay down on the floor
The kid fights sleep harder than the NRA fights rational arguments. There is lots of bouncing and soft singing in our house. But sometimes he just wants to be left alone on his spot on the floor to look around and check out the world. 
He's also a chatty baby. There is tons of coo-ing and chirping coming out of him all the time. Even when he's nursing, but those sounds are often, "Ohhh, this is the best thing ever," sounds. We figure that means he's going to be a chatty kid. So...yay? We'll see. His mom talks a lot at home and his dad talks a lot at work, so there may have been a loquacious mix in the gene pool. Which probably also means the next sibling will be silent all the time. 
Today we used the last of the disposable diapers and are on to the cloth. So there will be updates about those coming soon too. 
Pro Tip- Turning on the Cowboys football game will make him spit-up all over you. Which I think means he's awfully smart for a three week old. There are grown people who haven't made that connection yet.
And now for the pictures, which you've been waiting for and have probably skipped over all the text to get to. No Christmas pictures in this batch, I'll do a Big Ass Christmas Post next week sometime. 
Daughter of the Grey holding son of Dirtbag

The Grey telling my son how he just barely missed his goal time for the Honolulu Marathon

"Mom! He won't stop talking about running!"

I see you!

Not a boob. I am disappoint.

Auntie got me an awesome onesie to spit up on

Whoa. I know kung-fu



The cutest baby I am, yes


French fry?

Onion ring?

Refreshing soda?

For real zzzz in the Pharmacy


  1. He's growing so fast!!! I seriously can't wait to meet him. Hurry up summertime (but don't hurry cause I can't handle how fast time is going...)

  2. Wow - 3 weeks. Where has the time gone? Amazing. And chatty - uh, yeah - duh. xoxo