Sunday, May 10, 2015

Shatterdome Seattle

By Dad:
The Weirdlings were born into a nerdy family. One of my favorite movies is Pacific Rim. I'm not alone, as it turns out. Pacific Rim has enough fans that a group of people got together are created Shatterdome Seattle, a fan-created convention specifically about the movie. As soon as I saw this existed we planned out trip and bought tickets. Sure, it's a ten-hour drive, but Seattle means seeing wife's family. It also meant that our great friend Grace and her son Oliver could fly in and come with. Grace is also a super nerd, you see.
Angela made the boys cute little onsies, I put together a costume for myself and so did Grace, we rented a giant van to fit three adults and three tiny humans, and we were ready for the big drop.

First- pictures from our time with the grandparents.
Asher meets his 90 year old great-grandmother

Da Squish and Grandpa Bill

Da Squish and Grandma Carmen

Asher and Oliver communicating


Baby Selfie! 
Dude, you're partied out.

Sunday it was off to Shatterdome Seattle!

I'm proud of my Hannibal Chau shoe

Build-a-Kaiju Workshop-

take three stuffed animals and combine them

Nightmare fuel

Removing the "kaiju blue"

Adding pieces 

Grace as Tendo Choi and Oliver

New Kaiju!

A cool Gipsy Danger cosplayer and I

Tiny ship totally makes this

Crimson Toddler on stage at the cosplay contest

"Who is your favorite character?"

Killer Dr Gottlieb cosplay

Gotta get a photo

Roland and one of the many Newts

The child makes friends with anyone

Crimson Toddler

Mako and Tendo


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